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Our Story

GoAved combines the names of founders Mikayla Avedisian-Cohen 

and Alyssa Golub. Aved, full root 'Avedis,' refers to 'good news' in Eastern Armenian dialect. Armenia is the birthplace of both winemaking and Mikayla’s ancestors.  GoAved represents multi-sensory connectivity, and the reminder that wine is always good news!

Mikayla and Alyssa are two women on two coasts who have tackled two distinctly different sectors of the wine world. Their virtual experiences tutor an often puzzling skillset in a sophisticated, yet approachable, and sometimes quirky, (but always fun!) manner. 

They met 6 years ago in San Francisco working in the hospitality industry. Both certified sommeliers and both growing up outside of Manhattan, they always had an inclination that formulating a business together was on the horizon. Mikayla and Alyssa both have a strong passion for all things vino - and are excited to share that passion with you!